Seamless Aluminum Extrusion and Manufacturing Capabilities

Posted on December 8th, 2016 by RWM Admin
Seamless Aluminum Extrusion and Manufacturing Capabilities

AeroSpace Aluminum Products carries a wide array of aluminum alloys which can be used for custom extrusions for you specific needs. Our two powerful custom built extruders allow us to provide complex extrusions that few competitors can equal. We have a large number of dies which can produce a wide array of different extrusion shapes to fit the needs of our customers. We are capable of custom designing dies if necessary to conform to your specific extrusion needs and can also repair dies in case issues in our production facility. Our variety of hard and soft aluminum alloys allow AeroSpace Aluminum Products to be a one-stop shop for extrusions for the aerospace, military, firearms, and construction industries along with many more.

Our list of aluminum alloys includes:

Aluminum Alloy Alloying Elements Applications
6061 Silicon & Magnesium Hollow Extrusions, Automobile, Architectural, & more
7050 Zinc & Magnesium (Copper, & Chromium) Aerospace, Assault Rifle Parts, High-Impact Construction Tools, & more
2014 Copper Aircraft & Aerospace, Automotive, & more

Our hard alloy extrusions vary in weight depending on type of alloy and structural considerations up to a maximum of 6 pounds/ft2. Our custom built extruders allow us to extrude in hollow, semi-hollow, and filled shapes and allow us to circumscribe circles from sizes up to 6.5 inches. Typically, we build hollow extrusions using 6061 alloy only because the properties of this alloy allow for superior workability and welding abilities. 6061 alloy is the hardest of the “soft alloys” and does tend to be less expensive than any of the hard alloys.

AeroSpace Aluminum Products does not have a minimum requirement for most custom extrusion purchases. We work with clients that range from large aerospace companies to smaller family owned operations and provide the same great products and services to all sizes of companies. Whether you are in the market for firearms parts or extrusions for applications in the construction, aerospace, military, or another industry, AeroSpace Aluminum Products will deliver a high quality finished product which is compliant with MIL-I-45208A and AMS-2772 standards and is built to your exact specifications.

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