High Quality USA Raw Alloy Aluminum

Posted on December 8th, 2016 by RWM Admin
High Quality USA Raw Alloy Aluminum

Best Practices

AeroSpace Aluminum Products uses high-quality materials and processes to create final products that are in compliance with MIL-I-45208A, ASTM, AMS, and AS 9100 standards. Quality and long lasting capabilities of our products are increased during each of our important in-house procedures which lead to a superior finished product which can stand up to almost any industry applications. Over 30 years of experience and industry research has allowed AeroSpace Aluminum Products to develop a multitude of quality assurance best practices which allow for product uniformity, a low rejection rate, and a higher quality product.

Quality Assurance Testing

All of our products go through an additional run of Quality Assurance Testing by independent laboratories to ensure that every product that is sent out is up to the high standards set by our company. At this lab, they test for strength, corrosion resistance, warping, malleability and other important factors which effect the overall constitution of the finished product. A list of all of these test results and reports are included in your shipment so that you can confirm the quality of the product. We make sure that our products undergo these additional tests because we are dedicated to providing excellent aluminum extrusions for our customers.

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