Hard Alloy Aluminum Extrusion Services

Posted on December 8th, 2016 by RWM Admin
Hard Alloy Aluminum Extrusion Services

Custom Hard Alloy Extrusions

Aero Space Aluminum Products, Inc. offers customized hard alloy extrusions made to our customer’s precise specifications. In addition to the customizability in shape and length, we also offer a variety of hard aluminum alloys in order to offer varying price points as well as different structural considerations. Our team of experts manufactures quality hard alloy aluminum extrusions in a wide variety of shapes including both hollow and filled extrusions weighing a maximum of 6 lbs per square foot.

Our hard alloy aluminum extrusions are designed to be pushed to the limits of malleability and strength, and are more flexible and corrosion resistant than steel. In addition, depending on the alloy type, aluminum alloys can be up to 2.5 times lighter than their steel counterpart. These properties make aluminum hard alloy extrusions the most attractive choice for aerospace, commercial, and military applications. Aero Space Aluminum Products, Inc. has been improving our production process since 1981 and has continued to provide high quality and dependable aluminum extrusions for our loyal customers ever since.

Our list of aluminum alloys includes:

Aluminum Alloy Alloying Elements Applications
6061 Silicon & Magnesium Hollow Extrusions, Automobile, Architectural, & more
7050 Zinc & Magnesium (Copper, & Chromium) Aerospace, Assault Rifle Parts, High-Impact Construction Tools, &amp more
2014 Copper Aircraft & Aerospace, Automotive, & more

Seamless Tubing

AeroSpace Aluminum Products is one of the only manufacturers in the United States who have the custom built extruders required to produce seamless aluminum tubing extrusions. Developing seamless tubing results in a finished product that is aesthetically and structurally superior.

Benefits of seamless tubing:

  • No welding seams which are problematic in pressure vessels.
  • Uniform coating and appearance.
  • Reduces splitting due to seams in the aluminum.
  • Increased structural integrity.

Short Run Aluminum Extrusions

AeroSpace Aluminum Products manufactures high quality short run aluminum extrusions with quick lead times and delivery with no minimum order requirements. Your extrusions can be customized to fit your exact design and structural specifications. Our extrusion process results in hard alloy extrusions which are lightweight, strong, and malleable. Our knowledgeable staff will work with your team to determine the correct alloys for your product or material needs. Our advanced extruders allow us to create products and materials for a wide variety of industries including aerospace, military, firearms and ammunition, and other commercial applications.

In-house Processing (Heat treatment)

AeroSpace Aluminum Products heat treats our hard alloy aluminum extrusions in order to transform the alloying elements to the desired metallurgical structure. Aluminum extrusions are at peak performance after this aging process, and are ready for use in our customer’s industry. Unlike many of our competitor’s heat treating ovens, our oven is horizontal in design in order to provide more uniform distribution across the entire surface of the extrusion. After heat treatment, all of our extrusions are tested for warps, imperfections, or stresses which might not allow that product to perform to the standards described in MIL-I-45208A and AMS-2772.

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