Industries We Serve with Aluminum Extrusions

Posted on December 8th, 2016 by RWM Admin
Industries We Serve with Aluminum Extrusions

Firearms and Ammunition

AeroSpace Aluminum Products manufactures custom hard alloy aluminum firearm parts through our advanced short-run extrusion process. Our 7XXX series aluminum alloys are formulated to withstand the pressure resistance and strength needs of assault weapons and other forms of firearms. Following your exact specifications and strength requirements, our hard alloy aluminum extrusions are a lightweight and durable solution for your firearm part and ammunition needs. Read about using aluminum alloy in parts for firearms…


AeroSpace Aluminum Products has the capabilities to provided hard alloy aluminum extrusions for large Aerospace companies. We provide a multitude of aerospace alloys which are manufactured to MIL-I-45208A and AMS-2772 standards and provide the corrosion resistance and strength required to be used on aircrafts. All extrusion orders are tested for quality assurance at an independent laboratory and results from all tests are provided along with the order. Through our custom extrusion and unique heat treatment processes, our final product is guaranteed to exemplify outstanding quality and performance capabilities. Read how hard alloy aluminum is used in Aerospace…


AeroSpace Aluminum Products manufactures high quality aluminum extrusions for the military industry. Our hard alloy aluminum extrusions meet MIL-I-45208A and AMS-2772 standards and are strong enough to be used for military applications including vehicle parts, weaponry, and more. Our 7XXX series alloys are trusted to keep soldiers safe in military vehicles and can be used for mounted weaponry including Gatling guns and other mounted machinery. Read how the military uses hard alloy aluminum…

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